Discovery flights

We propose two types of discovery flights:

The 1st time flight

Onboard a light aircraft, the flight will last for 30 minutes (starting from the parking and back). You can be from one to three persons on the same flight.
Your pilot will be either a professional one or an experimented private pilote approved by the club. He will show you all the magic of the flight while pointing out the main points of interest.

Here is an overview of the sites you will see during your flight:

Carte du VI avion


  1. Les Agudes ski resort,
  2. Lake and waterfall in Oô,
  3. The Crabioules Circus,
  4. Green lake, Blue lake, Célinda lake,
  5. The Montagnette lake,
  6. The Port (pass) of Vénasque,
  7. L’Hospice de France.


The rates

1 person: 90€
2 persons: 100€
2 persons + 1 child: 110€





The initiation flight

Have a real plane flying course! This allows you to feel the first sensations of a pilote in duty. Trained by a confirmed instructor, you will accomplish your first maneuvers in full safety. A plane flight offers a unique sensation of freedom and this initiation will maybe confirm your calling of being a pilot and take a full training to get your licence.

This trainig includes a theorical part on ground and a 30mn flight where you will really be in duty. It is propose at a price of 120€.

 What you should know

The discovery flights are submitted to a very strict regulation.